Borrowing Policy

  • Materials circulate for up to three weeks.  Our system provides auto-renewals for all items unless they are on hold for another person or have already been renewed the maximum number of times. Patrons who opt in to receive email communications from the library will receive a confirmation email containing the new due date.  If the item can not be renewed the patron will receive an email reminder of the current/unchanged due date. Please check messages from the library carefully.
  • To reserve material, either go to the Worcester County Library On-line Catalog Web page and search for the material you want and then click the Request button on the bottom of the screen, or ask a staff member for assistance. Reserved items must be picked up promptly.
  • The arrival of ILL (Inter-Library Loan) materials varies from a few days to several weeks.
  • DVDs and Videos circulate for a seven-day period.
  • Book drops at each branch are open 24 hours a day.
  • If your account has been inactive for more than three years, it may be deleted.

Late Fees

Worcester County Library is fine-free. Fine policies in the Eastern Shore Library Consortium are based on the location from which you check the item out. If the item was sent to you at a Worcester County Library through the interlibrary delivery system, it will not incur fines. If you travelled to another county to check out the item, that library's rules are applicable.

Replacement Costs

Once an item is three weeks overdue, your account will be charged the replacement cost of the item. These charges will be waived when the item is returned.  In addition, you will still be responsible for items that are damaged or missing parts.  Your card will not be usable until the late item is returned or the charges are paid.

Collection Development Policies

The Worcester County Library Board of Trustees has adopted a Collection Development Policy to guide the staff and inform the public about the principles on which the library collections are developed and maintained.

Donations of Books and Other Materials: The Library accepts unrestricted donations of books and other material. They may be considered for the collection in accordance with this collection development policy. The Library reserves the right to sell or dispose of the materials through book sales, recycling or other means. Library employees cannot assign a dollar value to donations although a receipt documenting the number of items donated will be given to the donor if requested.