Teen Reading Challenge 2021 - With A $500 Prize!

Worcester County Library has been selected as a recipient of a $1,000 Beanstack Black Voices Microgrant. We’re excited to share this news and what it means for our community!  The library has created a Teen Reading Challenge on Beanstack and will use the grant money to provide prizes. Participating teens will select books to read by authors from a variety of backgrounds, highlighting the rich diversity of the American experience. Each book they read will earn them a chance to win one of two $500.00 grand prizes! This challenge will last throughout 2021, and the prizes will be awarded at the end of the year.

“The scholar Rudine Sims Bishop famously said that books for young readers should be both mirrors and windows,” says Assistant Director Rachael Stein. “They should reflect the experiences of the reader and also provide a glimpse into unfamiliar cultural worlds. The aim of this project is to offer teens those mirrors and windows, and to encourage them to look into as many new worlds as they can.”

The library will also host a monthly discussion program on Zoom, where teens can meet, share book recommendations, and talk about the books they’re reading.